Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Irrland ist mehr ...

Via Call for a revolution in Ireland:
“It was revealed that Apple used an Irish subsidiary with zero employees to pay less than 0.05% tax on $78 billion over four years."

"They should be paying a corporation tax of 12.50% .
12.50% of $78 bl = $9.75 bl
$9.75 bl = €7598779500.00 or €7.59billion
The Irish Government is responsible for collecting this 12,50% corporation tax , (one of the lowest in Europe) the government is either corrupt or are just idiots for letting these company’s away with €7.59billion."
~Jerry Kool...

You know something Jerry? That €7.59 Billion is equivalent to TWO Austerity Budgets... So it's either they pay or WE do...

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